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Malta MD Invited to Speak at SiGMA

Some of the speakkers at SiGMA

Some of the speakers at SiGMA

Mark J Galea, the Managing Director of our Malta office has been invited by the organisors of SiGMA, to deliver a speech at this prestigious event.

SiGMA (the Summit for Gaming in Malta) is set to become one of the largest dedicated Remote Gaming and Digital Gaming exhibitions and conferences for the industry with 3,000+ delegates, 50+ top-level speakers and over 70 stands. SIGMA is guaranteed to meet your needs from a networking, education and business perspective. So mark your diaries! The dates are set for October 31st and November 1st, 2014.

Please click here to see the list of speakers.


The One Small Thing That Is Biting A Huge Chunk Out Of Your Profits

Quad-Beat the 14%

People Management Skills

Leaders of Steel

We have teamed up with Nathan Farrugia are pleased to introduce you to STEEL (Skill, Talent, Excellence, Effectiveness, Leadership) – Malta’s most innovative Leadership in Management Programme.


The MASSIVE Goal Principle: because “realistic & achievable” goals do NOT work!

with David Hyner


“You mean we are setting people up for mediocrity…. AT BEST !?” – Tim Watts – CEO, Pertemps, when told that most people are taught to set “realistic & achievable” goals.

Top achievers set MASSIVE goals, so why do most business schools teach “SMART” goals?

David shares the findings from his years of research interviews with highly effective and successful men and women (from all walks of life) on how it is they think and behave, and, more importantly, how we can do the same.

• Fun, challenge, easily applied take-away value, and inter-action:-
• Understand how we can all think and behave MUCH more effectively
• “Stretch” personal and professional goals
• Recognise how to set bigger goals in a fun and brain friendly way
• Have fun learning about the brains switch for emotional responses
• Understand the power of “purpose”

• The power of positive thinking
• The Amygdela and your emotional response mechanism
• Anchoring for success
• The MASSIVE goal principle – how top achievers set goals
• The best “to do” list you will ever do
• Creating a 21 day habit
• The art of “looking into success– not up to it!”
• Are you one step away from a goldmine? – who do you know that will help you?
• Getting even more value from your “mastermind” group
• And loads more…………… including the one third of one percent rule, stepping out of comfort zones, and living/working with facts rather than assumptions.

By the end of the session, participants will:
• Be resolved to live and work with a more purpose driven ethos.
• Know how to (and have) set a goal the way top achievers do
• Have more of a “rhino” attitude
• Be better placed to seek facts rather than make assumptions about their own abilities

Informal, fun, challenging, interactive, and packed with ready to use and take-away techniques, principles and models on how to think and behave more effectively.

David Hyner is a Midlands based professional speaker, researcher, entrepreneur, broadcaster, author and facilitator.

Renowned for his content rich, humorous and “take-away value” packed presentations with references to his research interviews with top achievers.

He owned a catering and event business for fourteen years before selling that business to start Stretch Development Ltd. He has hosted BBC radio shows on positive thinking, and was a featured author in a bestselling book on coaching questions.

In 2001 he used (for the 1st time) the research based goal setting model to break the fundraising records of cancer research UK.

He is passionate about applied emotional intelligence and enjoys taking groups of business people to Peru, China and Gambia to get them “out of their heads” for a while.

David is happily married with a young son and enjoys quality food, drink, company and music.

This event is going to be held on Friday 29th November 2013 between 08.30 and 12 noon at the Hotel Intercontinental, St George’s BaySt Julians, Malta. For further information, please send an email to [email protected], or dial 99990312.

RegistrationSingle Participant
€90.00 + VATQuad Consultancy’s Clients
€75.00 + VATFull Time Students
€60.00 + VAT

Special deals are also available for groups of more than 5 people.

Please send an email to [email protected]

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Top Executives Look No Further


Judging by our constant success in helping companies connect with Executives (from Non Executive Directors all the way to Executive Management), we can safely say that Quad Consultancy in Malta has established itself as a leader in Executive Recruitment.

For the last three years we have – time and again – helped organisations with the employment (and the development) of key executives.

If you’re a Business Executive looking for your next move or if you’re an employer looking for a strategic professional who will help you take your business to the next level, please contact us on +356 2099 4444 or [email protected]

The Expert is Back

Win With the New Basics of Business

The Event
Following last year’s success, Roger Harrop is back to share his knowledge and experience during a session entitled “Win With the New Basics of Business”.

Roger Harrop

Roger Harrop

Recent times have jolted business back to the fundamentals. Every business leader – whether they are running a small or large business, service or manufacturing, the professions or not-for-profit, needs to understand and then focus unmercilessly on the new basics of business, often ignored in the past, to ensure sustained success.

The world of business has changed: nothing is a given any more and mediocre businesses have disappeared. Winning businesses – and there are many – are focussed back on the fundamentals of business. This is linked to an innate ability to adapt and be fleet of foot – often facilitated by the ultilisation of the latest technology.

The role of the successful Business Leader today has also been redefined – with an ability to both spend time in the helicopter whlist keeping it simple – at the core.

This session explores those fundamentals of business – any business – and the new role of the business leader whilst keeping it practical and not departing into the realms of complexity and business school speak. It will, simply, enable you to embark upon a high level of thinking about your business and your pivotal role in it’s new future.

This enlightening and hard hitting session will take you out of your comfort zone, will make you think and is guaranteed to result in you taking immediate actions for the benefit of your business

This highly interactive and participation driven Masterclass is set to stimulate and challenge you to think about the fundamentals of your business. By incorporating your own experiences and comments linked to those of the speaker, this programme will allow you to gain a fresh perspective and discover how you can significantly contribute further to the success and growth of yourself and your organisation.

Packed with the lessons from global research, group discussions, team sharing, proven real world strategies, practical business models, relevant stories and simple techniques, this Masterclass has been carefully structured to ensure there is real action learning – practical and effective.

What people say
You were so inspiring today and reinforced my belief in myself and my business, re- ignited my passion for the work that I do, and has given me great courage to continue along my journey as an entrepreneur.
– Sonja Sinaswee, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Roger, your Masterclass is by far the best that we ever given to top corporate CEOs –  and the applause the loudest and longest!
– Jamil Janjua, Chairman, Octara Training, Karachi

It was a huge pleasure experiencing your master class today. It was so packed with useful insight and information to help plan my business. I think it’s so rare for coaching to force an MD or entrepreneur to reevaluate so many of the foundations of their business purpose and plans after just a single session! It was tremendously valuable, and I go back to work with a sense of excitement about what is now possible!
– Jonathan Fink, Managing Director, Momentum Web Solutions

Roger’s, wisdom and advice is essential for every business person and entrepreneur. While his program is filled with high content, it is still delivered in a humorous and entertaining way. His programs are a true winner and Roger is a true star. Can’t wait to put his sound advice into practice
– Ted Garrison, CEO, New Construction Strategies, Florida, USA

Roger is quite simply brilliant. Amusing, professional, personable, but most importantly very knowledgeable about the imperatives of running a business. His ‘Staying in the Helicopter’ philosophy has received widespread acclaim wherever and whenever I have seen it presented. Highly regarded by all who know him.
– John Bycroft, Managing Director, Aorta Sales Limited

Brilliant session yesterday – they really loved it. You got the highest score we’ve ever had! You have the ability to inspire action. Everyone will take some significant action as a result of your session. The material is brilliantly constructed to get them to think about issues that are real for them, and then see that they personally can go back to their businesses and do something effective.
– Tim Anderson, Group Chairman, The Academy for Chief Executives

About Roger
Roger Harrop BSc(Hons), CEng, FIMechE, FCIM, FInstIB, FPSA, PSAE has spent over 25 years leading international business at the highest level, ultimately a plc, putting him in a unique position to deal with contemporary business challenges.

He is an, Oxford, UK based, international motivational business growth expert who inspires and entertains his audiences with his acclaimed Staying in the Helicopter® programmes. Over 10000 CEOs, business leaders and others have achieved transformational change through his thought provoking and entertaining talks laced with real-life stories, anecdotes and humour.

He is ranked in the top 10 of business management speakers worldwide, a winner of the prestigious Professional Speaking Award of Excellence and is a twice Speaker of the Year with The Academy for Chief Executives

This event is going to be held on Friday 28th June 2013 between 08.30 and 12 noon at the Corinthia Hotel, St George’s Bay, St Julians, Malta. For further information, please send an email to [email protected], or dial 99990312.



Single Participant
€90.00 + VAT

Quad Consultancy’s Clients
€75.00 + VAT

Full Time Students
€60.00 + VAT

Special deals are also available for groups of more than 5 people.

Please send an email to [email protected]

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